Angelina Jolie and Daughters Hang Out With Salma Hayek in Rome
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The 'Eternals' star is pictured taking her teen daughters Zahara and Vivienne on a shopping trip in the Italian capital, where they later meet up with her 'Without Blood' star Salma.

AceShowbiz - Angelina Jolie and two of her children spent the Fourth of July weekend in Rome. The actress/director has been spotted taking her daughters Zahara and Vivienne on a shopping trip in the Italian capital, where they were later joined by fellow actress Salma Hayek.

On Saturday, July 2, the mother of six and her two teen daughters were pictured at a local market. They were seen looking at some accessories as Zahara tried on a colorful necklace while her mother seemed to be interested in some bracelets.

They appeared to purchase some goods from various stands as Angie held onto what looked like some charcuterie while Zahara carried two small plastic bags of items. The "Maleficent" star later met up with Salma.

For the outing, Angie looked effortlessly chic in a flowing sand maxi dress and high-waist trouser co-ord with a spaghetti strap detail. She paired them with platformed espadrilles as she had a large camel handbag slung over her shoulder. The 47-year-old also sported a pair of circular framed sunglasses and accessorized with a tiny necklace, a pair of earrings as well as some rings while her hair was pinned in a dark claw clip.

Zahara wore a sage green sundress and a pair of black high-top Converse trainers, while her sister Vivienne opted for a pair of gray jeans with a matching crew neck sweatshirt. The 13-year-old teen was seen holding hands with a female pal, who rocked a gray tank top and dark pants.

Angie and Salma have been in Rome to film a new movie, "Without Blood", which the former is directing and the latter is starring in alongside Demian Bichir. The film is based on the bestselling Italian novel by Alessandro Baricco.

According to its synopsis, the book tells the story of "an unforgettable fable about the brutality of war - and one girl's quest for revenge and healing, from the author of the acclaimed international bestseller 'Silk'. When - in an unnamed place and time - Manuel Roca's enemies hunt him down to kill him, they fail to discover Nina, his youngest child, hidden in a hole beneath his farmhouse floor. After this carnage Tito, one of the murderers, discovers Nina's trapdoor. Enthralled by the sight of Nina's perfect innocence, he keeps quiet. By the time she has grown up, Nina's innocence will have bloomed into something else altogether, and one by one the wartime hunters will become the peacetime hunted. But not until a striking old woman calls upon a familiar old man selling newspapers in town can we know what Nina will ultimately make of her brutal legacy."

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