Claire Foy Bombarded With Over 1,000 Emails in a Month by Alleged Stalker
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'The Crown' star's legal representatives believe that the actress is under 'significant risk' from a man named Jason Penrose, who's obsessed to become her boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - Claire Foy received over 1,000 emails in a month from her alleged stalker. "The Crown" actress' legal representatives warned a court on Thursday, June 30 that 38-year-old star was under "significant risk" from Jason Penrose, who allegedly targeted her between November and December last year because he wanted to be her boyfriend.

Penrose was accompanied by NHS workers and gave his address as Highgate Mental Health Centre when he appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court in London as an application for a full stalking protection order (SPO) was made against him.

Rosa Bennathan, on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, told the court Penrose had emailed Claire's agent in August and September 2021 saying he was a director and producer and wanted her to appear in his next film.

The "First Man" actress told her agent she didn't know who he was, and later that year he bombarded her with over 1,000 emails, as well as emailing her publicist, contacting her sister and visiting her address after finding out where she lived. One email sent to Claire's publicist, Emma Jackson, allegedly said, "I'm sorry I think Claire('s) policy should be not talking about any personal stuff in media and only creative business."

Penrose is said to have sent explicit emails to Emma, writing about "wanting her to be his girlfriend." Court documents stated Claire called police on 17 December to report "Jason Penrose was outside her residence ringing on her doorbell constantly."

Rosa said, "There have clearly been acts that amount to stalking, posing a significant risk to Ms Foy." She argued the order was "necessary to protect them."

However, a hearing to rule on a full SPO was adjourned until 22 July after Penrose arrived without legal representation.

Moira McFarlaine, who arrived later to speak on his behalf, opted for an adjournment. She said, "His mental health is still under question."

An interim SPO granted in February has been extended until 28 July as a result. A breach of the order could lead to prosecution but Penrose promised he would not attempt to communicate with the actress, her family or her agent.

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