Yasmine Lopez Denies She's Carmelo Anthony's Side Chick, Insists He's Divorced When They're Dating

The Instagram model claps back at a commenter who slams her for bragging about dating 'a married man' after she revealed that the NBA star once sent her and another woman the same exact flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.

AceShowbiz - Yasmine Lopez refused to be labeled a homewrecker. The Instagram model has clapped back at a troll who accused her of being Carmelo Anthony's side chick after she confirmed they were dating.

Yasmine spilled some tea about her relationship with the NBA star when having a Q&A with her fans on YouTube. When talking about her "most embarrassing moment" during their time together, she picked the time when Carmelo allegedly sent her and another woman the same exact flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.

"No that was my man. The flowers was real," the 23-year-old said. "He sent me and somebody else flowers and I seen, like I was literally sitting next to him in the bed and I'm like, 'Yo who sent her these flowers bro?' "

"I talked about that on T's podcast. That was my most embarrassing moment like at the time," she further divulged, admitting, "I was so upset about it and it hurt my feelings and now I can look at it and laugh. It's actually funny to me what happened but yeah."

In the comment section of her YouTube video, one person slammed her, "Why are you bragging about dating Camelo Anthony when he's a married man? You weren't 'dating' him. You were his side chick."

Catching fire of the nasty comment, the mother of one denied that she was dating Carmelo when he was still married to La La Anthony. "He was divorced when we were dating. God bless you," she responded.

Carmelo himself seemingly responded to the drama with his cryptic post. "We find no sense in talking about something unless we specify how we measure it. A definition by the method of measuring a quantity is the one sure weights of avoiding talking nonsense - Stay ME7O," he wrote on his Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Ashlee Monroe, the woman who also received a flower arrangement from Carmelo, slammed Yasmine as she posted on her Story, "Let it GOOOOOO! Weird!!!!!! If a compulsive liar/ clout chasing was a person."

La La filed for divorce from Carmelo in July 2021 after 11 years of marriage. They previously separated in 2017 and were living separately, but reconciled in December 2018. It's unclear if their divorce has been finalized or not.

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