'RHOM' Star Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of 'Volatile Behavior' in Front of Their Kids

In response to the claims, Lenny's attorney believes that the TV personality seems to 'crave attention, and so issues allegations that are inflammatory and the opposite of the truth.'

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Miami" star Lisa Hochstein claimed that her estranged husband Lenny Hochstein "berated" and "threatened" her in front of their kids. According to a new report, the TV star accused him of exhibiting "volatile behavior" amid their divorce.

In court documents obtained by The Sun on Monday, June 27, the 39-year-old star alleged that Lenny "berated and threatened" her in the presence of their son Logan, 6, and daughter Elle, 2. She added that it prompted her to "flee" the family's $52 million mansion on Star Island.

Lisa additionally said that she asked the court to demand Lenny not expose her young kids to his "presumed" girlfriend, which she deemed "detrimental to the best interests of minor children." The court documents read, "The husband's presumed girlfriend, upon information and belief, has acted and continues to act in a manner that would be seen as injurious to the minor children, should she have any contact of access to the minor children at this time."

Lisa is requesting exclusive use and possession of the property.

In response to the claims, Lenny's attorney, Richard Preira, noted that his client has "done everything in his power to protect the children by being private, not public, and by not being at all inflammatory." The lawyer added that Lenny has "chosen" not to speak unfavorably of the "RHOM" star for the "sake of the children."

Additionally, Richard criticized Lisa as he believed that Lisa seemed to "crave attention, and so issues allegations that are inflammatory and the opposite of the truth." He also shared that Lenny moved out of the master bedroom because Lisa "stalked him in the house." He added, "Now she stalks him in the media and social media."

According to Richard, his client is "trying to avoid conflict," but Lisa's "goal is conflict." He continued, "Unfortunately that seems to be the goal of her counsel as well. I believe we lawyers are officers of the Court. We have a higher calling when children are in the mix."

As for Lenny's girlfriend Katharina Mazepa, she previously denied being "the reason" for Lenny's divorce. "The reality is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our spouses for a while and are both going through divorces. I was informed Lisa was fully aware that he was going out with me," Katharina said in May. "In fact, he is going to great lengths to protect his family and do right by everyone involved in this difficult process."

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