In a new interview, the 'Breaking Bad' alum says that he's not scared at all over the health scare as he 'can't recall anything' about the incident that happened on 'Better Call Saul' set in July 2021.

AceShowbiz - Bob Odenkirk has shared an update on his condition after undergoing a surgery following a near-fatal heart attack on "Better Call Saul" set in July 2021. In a new interview, the actor revealed that he's now feeling "good."

Speaking to Page Six during a "Better Call Saul" screening at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, June 18, the 59-year-old actor said, "I got two stents, a tiny part of my heart is made of metal, and I feel good."

The "Breaking Bad" alum went on adding that he was not scared at all over the health scare "because [he doesn't] remember anything" about it. "It was scary to [his co-stars] Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian, who were standing right there when it happened, and everybody else, the whole crew who came around," he explained, "They were utterly freaked out, but I can't recall anything."

Bob further shared that when he awoke the day "after having surgery, [he] was like, 'Let's go to work!' and people were like, 'Calm down, calm down.' " Peter Gould, the show's executive producer and writer, described the incident as "terrifying."

"We were very worried, very scared, very upset," Peter told the news outlet. "It puts everything in perspective because, in the end, it's a TV show. Once it becomes a matter of life and death, it puts everything in perspective."

In February, Bob opened up about the horrifying experience. "We were shooting a scene, we'd been shooting all day, and luckily I didn't go back to my trailer," he told New York Times Magazine. He added that he was taking a break with co-stars Patrick and Rhea at the time of the incident. "I went to play the Cubs game and ride my workout bike, and I just went down," he said, "Rhea said I started turning bluish-gray right away."

As the production's medics were alerted, the AMC drama show's health safety supervisor, Rosa Estrada, and assistant director, Angie Meyer, performed CPR on Bob before attaching him to a defibrillator. However, they only managed to restart his heart at the third attempt. "The third time, it got me that rhythm back," he shared.

The cause of the incident was a plaque which was built up in his heart. The father of two said he was fine until last year, which was when "one of those pieces of plaque broke up."

Thankfully, Bob was able to resume the filming of the show again in September 2021. "Back to work on Better Call Saul! So happy to be here and living this specific life surrounded by such good people," he wrote via Twitter at the time.

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