Supa Cent Claps Back at Rumor That Her Fiance Impregnates Another Woman After They're Engaged

Believing that she's targeted by a fake Instagram page that first spread the infidelity rumor, the cosmetics mogul tells her hater to 'just leave me alone.'

AceShowbiz - Supa Cent just wants to enjoy a peaceful life with her romantic partner. The cosmetics mogul has been forced to clarify after rumor swirled that her new fiance Rayzor is cheating on her and currently expecting a child with his side chick.

Defending her man, Supa took to her social media page on Thursday, June 2 to debunk the false report. During an Instagram Live, the entrepreneur claimed that the wild rumor stemmed from a fake page, which she believes "is a complete target at" her.

"The same thing happened when I was with Lou," she argued. "As soon as I got engaged, a baby page came out. Somebody said they was pregnant, nobody face was being shown."

She went on reasoning why she believes that the page was targeting her, not her fiance. "This page started following everybody that follow me, for some reason," she elaborated. "So that's how I knew it was a direct target, so it was me because if you're pregnant from Rayzor why are you following all my people, right?"

Supa went on telling her hater to "just leave me alone." Stressing that she stands by her fiance, the entrepreneur stated, "Whoever stepped to me and said they dealt with him been with him nothing I've never had that so I'm trying to see who hate me this much to make a page. To to make to do put all this energy into into my relationship. It's not that serious, just leave me alone. It's OK for you to leave me alone I'm not giving my ring back."

"I'm not breaking up with them I'm not going to leave them alone I'm going to stay with him," she continued declaring her loyalty to Ray. "I'm going to be with him and I'm going and we're just gonna be happy and that's fine. And when January will come in don't know baby come out I want all y'all to kiss my ring."

She continued, "Well you gotta kiss my ring is one thing to believe a woman that's making videos and saying, hey, I've been dealing with this man for years now all that but to believe a patient not even showing a face. Who's used to everybody else pitches but their own. Come on now."

Supa added, "What we got to go there for? I don't think we got to go there for we got to go that far. I thought we was all smarter than I felt like if these accusation was about y'all, y'all won't believe that just because it's about me. You're going to believe." Supa also pointed out that the ultrasound of the baby is fake.

Supa and Ray got engaged in May, after only one year of dating. On their first anniversary, Ray surprised his now-fiancee by getting down on his knee and popping the question in a room decorated with white and gold balloons. Supa, meanwhile, surprised Ray by purchasing land for him earlier that day.

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