Heidi Montag Reveals She Was on Raw Meat Diet While Trying to Get Pregnant
Us Weekly

The former star of 'The Hills', who is currently expecting baby No. 2 with her husband and co-star Spencer Pratt, believes that eating uncooked meat helps to boost her fertility.

AceShowbiz - Heidi Montag has made it clear that nothing can't stop her from eating uncooked meat. In a new interview, the former star of "The Hills" revealed that she still ate raw meat while trying to get pregnant.

The 35-year-old reality star, who is married to "The Hills" co-star Spencer Pratt and already has four-year-old Gunner with him, is now expecting baby number two and switched to an "all-meat diet" to boost her fertility because of the"toxins" in vegetables. She said, "I was eating bison hearts and raw meat and lots of liver. And I got on an animal-based diet and I had all my blood work done and I donated a bunch of blood."

"Toward the end, I was really on an animal-based diet, which is mostly meat so I really eliminated most vegetables because they say there's oxalates and toxins that could really interfere with [pregnancy]," Heidi explained.

The former "Celebrity Big Brother" star also eliminated most fruit from her diet and found a "great lubricant" to increase her chances of pregnancy. She told UsWeekly, "I had minimum fruit, I basically had no grains and was on a few supplements. And then I also found a lubricant that's supposed to be great for fertility. And all that came together with God's timing and I got pregnant."

Heidi went on to explain that in the run up to discovering she was pregnant, she had in fact stopped taking pregnancy tests and was "shocked" to discover that she was expecting when her period was late. She said, "I decided to stop taking pregnancy tests because I was so disappointed every month that I wasn't pregnant. So I just thought when I was late I'll wait another day."

"Then, I waited the next day and I went downstairs, like, 'I'm just gonna take the pregnancy test.' So I took my Clear Blue pregnancy test and I saw I was pregnant. I couldn't even believe it. I was shocked!" Heidi recalled. "I was crying. I ran upstairs like, 'Spencer, it says pregnant!' Gunner was like, 'Why are you crying? What's happening?'"

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