Kris Jenner Blames Fame for Stopping Her From Grocery Shopping

In the latest episode of 'The Kardashians', the momager says that she has not been to a grocery store in two years although she thinks grocery shopping is 'good' for her soul.

AceShowbiz - Kris Jenner makes it clear that her fame came with consequences. The momager has admitted that she finds it "hard" to go grocery shopping because she's so famous.

In a new episode of "The Kardashians", the 66-year-old star reveals that she actually stopped going grocery shopping for two years, even though she thinks it's "good for [her] soul." She confesses, "I have not been to a grocery store in two years."

The showbiz matriarch, who has kids Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner considers the everyday responsibilities of parenthood to be "magical." She explains, "I wear a lot of different hats, and two of them are mom and manager."

"I'm always in the manager space so when I get to be mom, it's the most magical time for me," Kris says. She continues, "And I just want to relish every single second."

Despite this, Kris wants to balance her need for a normal life with trying to maintain her privacy. The reality star admits it's become increasingly difficult for her to do simple things, like grocery shopping.

"One of the things that gets a little tricky is privacy," Kris admits. "I stopped going to the grocery store because people in the store started sneaking pictures, and paparazzi started showing up. It was hard."

In March, Kris revealed she knew her family had something "very special" when they launched "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". The socialite used the platform to turn the family name into a money-spinning brand.

Kris, who starred on the hit show between 2007 and 2021, said, "I realized really quickly that we had something, and it was very special." She recalled, "Once we knew it was a hit, that's when you put on a more creative hat and you start to think, 'Oh, I see where this might be going. Maybe we should do something a little more outside the box and use this show as an amazing platform.' And that's what we did."

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