The Wanted's Max George Assures 'All Good' After He's Hospitalized Following Injury on 'The Games'

Sharing a video from his hospital bed, the 33-year-old singer admits 'the last few days have been a bit of a rough' and he experienced 'a lot of dizziness,' but he is better now after getting 'rehydrated.'

AceShowbiz - Max George has been hospitalized after a "rough" few days. The member of boyband The Wanted needed medical treatment after suffering from "dehydration" and a "perforated eardrum" when taking part in new live ITV show "The Games".

"Hey guys. Obviously I pulled up earlier. So the last few days have been a bit of a rough," the 33-year-old pop star said in an Instagram video from his hospital bed. "I perforated my eardrum a couple of days ago so it's been causing me so it's been causing me quite a lot of dizziness. I've been in loads of pain medication so I think I just got dehydrated. But all good. I've been rehydrated."

On Monday night, May 9, viewers watched as Max sustained an injury live on air while running in the 400m event when he began to slow down and clutched his leg in pain, which he later put down to "a*** cramp."

The "Glad You Came" hitmaker went on to reassure fans that he is "all good" and is just a bit "shaky" as he is hoping his issues won't rule him out of the competition. He added, "I'm in the hospital tomorrow to have it checked on and just make sure that everything is OK and fingers crossed that I get the nod to be able to do the swimming cause that's an event that I love."

"Yeah it's been a rough couple of days and there's a lot of people asking 'What happened?', 'am I alright?' " he continued sharing. "I'm all good, just a bit shaky with my ear and yeah like just got a bit dehydrated cause I'm on a s****load of pain meds, but all love and hopefully see you tomorrow!"

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