Rachel McAdams Talks About Wearing 'Cool Outfit' in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'

The surgeon Christine Palmer depicter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbuster discusses how fun it was for her to have new physical appearance for her character in the latest Marvel movie.

AceShowbiz - Rachel McAdams relished the physical aspects of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness". The surgeon Christine Palmer depicter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbuster and enjoyed getting to step into the multiverse during the movie.

Speaking to Variety, the 43-year-old actress said, "I love action. I love being physical. As an actor, I always feel like it gets me out of my head, and fun surprises come out of getting to just move. It was great to get to do that in this one a little bit more."

"And to wear a cool outfit. I was in scrubs last time, which were super comfortable; I'm not complaining at all. And I did miss them, but it was fun to be really just decked out," she added. "I got new hair and I get to wear really hot pink lipstick. All those things I love, as an actress, to get to do in my job."

Rachel admits that the presence of Sam Raimi as the film's director convinced her to return to the superhero movie as it had looked unlikely beforehand. Explaining what had changed, "The Notebook" star said, "Well, I mean, to get to work with Sam. And I said, 'Sam, I'm pregnant. Is that okay?' But of course, he can't say it's not."

"He was like, 'This is great. Let's do it.' And I've got lots of exciting ideas for Christine and her evolution. He took me through the whole journey and it just sounded really fun and thoughtful and I was excited to come back," she went on to share.

Rachel hopes that she can continue appearing in the MCU as Christine Palmer and thinks there are lots of possibilities to explore with the character. She said, "I mean, it's a great gig. So I wouldn't be sad to keep going with it. It's a fun part. And I liked that she's gone in different directions now. And now that the multiverse is open, you know, anything could happen. The world's your oyster."

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