Chelsea Handler on Finishing 'a Year's Supply' of Magic Mushrooms Within 2 Weeks Amid COVID Lockdown

In a new interview, the 'Chelsea Does' star shares that she once wondered 'how long' the pandemic would last as she had to order more of the hallucinogenic drug.

AceShowbiz - Chelsea Handler "finished a year's supply" of magic mushrooms in early lockdown.

The 47-year-old comedienne revealed that during the first fortnight of the COVID-19 lockdown she turned to magic mushrooms with her landscaper and worried "how long" the pandemic would last in case she had to order more of the hallucinogenic drug.

She said, "I finished a year's supply of magic mushrooms in the first two weeks of COVID! I was doing mushrooms with my landscaper. I was like 'Wait, how long is this gonna go on? Because I'm having to make a new order!' "

However, the "Chelsea Does" star, who is currently dating former co-star Jo Koy, went on to admit that while she was not "saving lives" during lockdown, as a stand-up she feels as if she has an "impact" on others through entertainment.

She told E! News, "There was a death of joyfulness that you want to feel like you're of service even though you're doing stand-up, you're not saving lives. But at the same time, you do have an impact on people. And it's your responsibility to come out and remind people of everything they've been missing."

Chelsea is now back on the road with her new show "Vaccinated and Horny" and explained that while there was a time when she felt "uninterested" in performing, she is now ready to share personal stories once again because performing live is a "high."

She said, "I like to share my personal stories and turn them into material. Live performing, it's such a high. This tour has been a really nice reminder of what got me into this business in the first place. There was a period of time where it wasn't interesting to me. I felt like I didn't have anything meaningful to say, and now I feel like this is back to who I am."

"And a lot of that is from Jo Koy, too. Being with him and being reminded of where we started out, it has been like, "Oh, yeah, this is what I'm really meant to be doing.' "

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