Tyra Banks Deletes Twitter Account Amid Backlash Over 'America's Next Top Model' and 'DWTS'

An Insider writer named Kate Taylor reveals that the 48-year-old TV personality deletes her page on the blue-bird app after she reaches out to her for comment on an article exposing 'ANTM'.

AceShowbiz - Tyra Banks has bid farewell to Twitter. Having found herself landing in hot water over exposure on "America's Next Top Model" and "Dancing With the Stars", the TV personality deleted her account on the blue-bird app.

The 48-year-old deactivated her page after an Insider writer named Kate Taylor penned an article about her. The title read, "Tyra Banks wanted 'America's Next Top Model' to fix fashion. Now, some contestants say the show was 'psychological warfare.' "

In her tweet, Kate wrote, "What is Tyra like??? Actually, a pretty great boss according to many on ANTM's crew. Of course, some contestants had a different take." She then added in a follow-up post, "After I reached out for comment + fact check last week, Tyra Banks deleted her Twitter. (Could be unrelated! Who can say!)"

Kate Taylor's Tweets

Kate Taylor claimed Tyra Banks deleted her Twitter account amid 'ANTM' backlash.

Many on the micro-blogging site have since put Tyra on blast. One person in particular fumed, "This thread kinda makes dislike Tyra banks a whole lot now because wtfffff." Another individual simply argued, "In short, f**k Tyra Banks."

"I stopped taking Tyra Banks seriously when she chastised an ANTM contestant for gaining weight. Then Tyra used her talk show to call herself fat and preach body acceptance," someone else opined. "I don't think she'll ever be held to task for all the damage she's done."

Around the same time, Tyra was also blamed for "Dancing with the Stars" moving from ABC to Disney+. It was reported that the dancing competition show was dropped by ABC following criticism against Tyra and plummeting ratings.

Tyra hosted "DWTS" season 29 after Tom Bargeron and Erin Andrews were let go from the show. Ever since her debut, the model has been slammed by viewers several times, including the moment when she wore a Britney Spears-inspired outfit dedicated to the pop star.

In addition, fans were unhappy with Tyra's "frequent habit of messing up the script," according to The Sun. She's alo described as an "epic failure" for making the show's rating lower.

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