The Game Mocked After Blasting Regina Hall for Oscars Joke About LeBron James' Hairline
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Shortly after taking jab at the Oscars host, the 'How We Do' spitter is slammed by critics as many believe he also 'disrespected' the NBA star and his mom in his song, 'Martians vs. Goblins'.

AceShowbiz - The Game has been ridiculed over his social media post criticizing Regina Hall's joke about LeBron James' hairline at the 2022 Oscars. Shortly after calling out the host of the 94th Academy Awards, many social media users mocked him as many believed he also "disrespected" the NBA star and his mom in his song.

On Monday, April 4, the 42-year-old rapper took to his Instagram account to share his opinions on Regina's joke. "It's one thing to be a beautiful black woman as accomplished as @morereginahall is & not be able to put your foot down when pre-reading a 'joke' clearly written for her by someone else (I'm assuming a white writer)."

"But another thing to try & clown a truly family oriented man of integrity, supreme character & class on a stage where we are still not wanted & truly only get awarded when they feel they should 'throw the monkey a banana' as my late grand mother would put it," The Game added. He later brought up Will Smith and Chris Rock's awkward confrontation as saying, "This is the same way they set up Chris Rock with pre-written content that I'm sure they knew would outrage [Jada Pinkett Smith] & Will."

The Game continued, "They didn't think Will would slap him for it & that's where things get tricky…. Because it backed Will Smith into a corner where he acted on impulse & had to defend his wife & make a decision that they are trying to crucify him for." The "How We Do" rapper went on noting, "It's kool to joke about us with us because we as black folks understand each other in that manner. It is only when it's pre-written & they're conspiring before hand to once again use US against US for their own humor."

The Game later encouraged his followers to "STAY WOKE." He also reiterated that "when I crack jokes on my brother… he cracks jokes back & it's in good humor. It's only when we are the butt of their deep rooted hate for us do I have a problem."

Despite his excuse for making jokes about fellow black stars, The Game still faced backlash. "Game...if u gonna speak like this u gotta be CONSISTENT bro, u can't speak like u woke then turn around and speak against 50 or any other black person as u have done COUNTLESS times in past!" one user wrote. "If u gonna talk like this Game, then stop rapping about anything that disrespects blacks, change the GAME."

"Remember when game talked about LeBrons mom on that track with [Tyler, the Creator]," a separate person criticized. In the meantime, another critic commented, "Not that serious get over it and learn how to take a joke G." Someone else quipped, "I mean u disrespected him badly on 'Martians vs Goblins' tho." One person agreed, "Hold up, didn't you take a shot at Lebron AND his mom on that RED ALBUM????"

During the award show, Regina said, "I was very disappointed that 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' did not get nominated in the Special Effects category for that hairline they gave LeBron James." She added, "It was really good!"

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