SZA Shows Off Her Bandaged Foot After Accused of Lying About Her Injury at Grammys

Viewers notice that the 'All the Stars' singer didn't use her crutches properly and still wore high heels to the Grammy Awards, leaving people doubtful whether she's telling the truth about her injury.

AceShowbiz - SZA has shown the not-so-glamorous side of her Grammy Awards night. Dressing to impress in a semi-transparent dress with dramatic train and floral details on the bust down to the end of the skirt, she cleverly hid her injury behind the long gown.

Following the star-studded event, the 32-year-old took to Instagram to share her pictures from the big night, including a photo of her bandaged foot. In the image, her foot looked a bit swollen as she sat on a wheelchair. Another image captured her going barefoot and getting a little help from Lil Nas X who pushed her wheelchair.

"Thank you to God my ancestors my team and my Family !! Thank u @dojacat for having me on this song n letting me to whatever I wanted !" she captioned the photos, before addressing her injuring, "Eff my weak ass bony ankles lol."

SZA left many people wondering after she walked on crutches at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, April 3. When she walked on stairs to accept her first Grammy, Lady GaGa helped hold her train for her to prevent her from getting tripped on it. SZA won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Doja Cat for their collaboration "Kiss Me More".

At the media room after the show, she explained how she injured herself. " It's very funny because I fell out of bed right before it was time to leave and get ready for this, like the day before," she told the press. "Everything awesome in my life also has to come with something very random."

However, many were not convinced that she's really injured, as some viewers noticed that she still wore high heels to the event and didn't even use her crutches properly. Accusing her of lying, they slammed SZA for allegedly using the crutches for attention.

One person wrote, "That girl needs help! Why the hell would you wear crutches to the Grammy's for attention? She's sick LOL. Meanwhile she is wearing heels, walking and standing perfectly fine. She couldn't even fake hold the crutches right. MENTO illness."

Another echoed the sentiment, "She makes it so hard to support her.." A third claimed, "She just wants to be seen !! Pathetic. Next she'll show up in a wheelchair." Someone thinks it's very likely that SZA was lying as they said, "Who knows! She makes up a new lie every now and then. She lied about ever having a tv and fans just dropped pics of her having a tv in her home…LMAO. "

Another person commented, "Lmao here she go she lying." Some others pointed out what's suspicious about SZA's appearance that night as they wrote, "The heels are the confusing part," "She's not even using them" and "If you able to tip toe that quick while in HEELS, then you do not need no crutches. Literally just being extra."

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