Taron Egerton Withdraws From London Play 'Cock' Nearly Two Weeks After Contracting COVID-19

Since the 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' actor steps away from the play, Joel Harper-Jackson will take over the role of M until the end of the run on June 4.

AceShowbiz - Taron Egerton has quit his London play "Cock". The "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" actor's withdrawal was announced on the production's Instagram account nearly two weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19.

"JOEL HARPER-JACKSON WILL TAKE OVER THE ROLE OF M IN MIKE BARTLETT'S RAZOR SHARP, HILARIOUS PLAY COCK UNTIL THE END OF THE RUN," so read the announcement on Friday, April 1. "The part was originally played in this production by Taron Egerton, who has had to withdraw from the production due to personal reasons."

"Joel understudied the role and has been playing the part of M for the past ten days while Taron was absent from the production having tested positive for Covid," it added.

This arrived after producers of the London play revealed on Instagram that "Taron Egerton has unfortunately tested positive for Covid." They added in the March 23 post, "In accordance with the production's health & safety protocols, he will now isolate and we expect Taron to return to the show next week."

"Cock" kicked off on March 5. Unfortunately, on the opening night, the Welsh actor passed out in the middle of his performance at the Ambassadors Theater in London. According to reports, production of the show was immediately stopped and a doctor in the audience was brought in to assist him.

Forty minutes later, director Marianne Elliott informed the audience that Egerton was "absolutely fine." However, he didn't immediately return to the stage, prompting Joel to fill in for him for the final 15 minutes of the show.

In the wake of the incident, Taron took to Instagram Story to give fans an update on his condition. "As some of you may have heard, I passed out during the first performance of COCK last night," he wrote on March 6. "I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego but I'm fine."

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