BandMan Kevo Accuses Wife of Lying as He Denies Leaving Her Homeless Despite Alleged Proof

In his alleged text leaked by his wife, Dyme, the 'Baller in Me' rapper vows to treat her in the 'worst' way and says that she 'will starve' and be 'really homeless' before he gives her anything else.

AceShowbiz - BandMan Kevo has responded to his wife's claims that he left her homeless with their minor children. When denying the allegations during an Instagram Live session, the "Baller in Me" rapper accused Dyme of lying despite the alleged proof.

"You look dumb as hell because especially when you lie about it," said the "Methods" artist during the live session on Sunday, March 27. He then mimicked Dyme in her tearful Instagram video, "Then [Dyme] said, 'I'm homeless.' Dyme, come on."

Kevo, whose real name is Kevin Ford, added, "This n***a just tagged me in a post likeā€¦kick your kid out [from his house] with your baby mama?" He later said, "I swear to God I'm in here. What are you talking about? I'm here with you everyday."

Kevo then sarcastically said that Dyme could sell her jewelry, which he bought for her, if she's really homeless and has no money. "If you're homeless then better go sell it," he said, before his friends laughed in the background. "Hold on, what about the chain, gang? The chain. Go sell it. Right?"

Kevo also accused Dyme of faking her tears before insisting that Dyme did such thing to get more money from him. He later shared that last October he bought a home for him to work in separately from his wife as she's "always f**kin under [him]." However, he said that she refused, " 'Well no, I want to say with you.' And I'm like, 'B***h no, get your own crib. You get what I'm saying?' "

Hours earlier, Dyme tearfully revealed that Kevo put her and their little children out of the home they shared so that he could cheat. She also released numerous alleged messages of the emcee seemingly taunting her and telling her that she'll "starve."

One of the screenshot of Kevo's alleged chat read, "U f**ked lol. The internet better pay your bills n give you money u can't get anymore. U killed yourself you better off getting by a car." Another screengrab saw Kevo texting her, "I know once good thing about u will starve before I give you anything else wait till tomorrow you'll see evil if it's not fixed [smiling emoji] and really homeless."

"I'll treat you worst," Kevo allegedly vowed. "You play with me and not ever deal with you n watch you slowly fall off. Cuz that's all gone happen cuz your stupid." Underneath the post, Dyme wrote, "Another message from my Husband."

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