A new episode of 'Secrets of Playboy' also features several eye witnesses, including one woman who claims she was drugged and raped by the founder of Playboy magazine.

AceShowbiz - A&E's "Secrets of Playboy" further detailed stories surrounding alleged sexual abuser Hugh Hefner. A new episode centered on Hefner himself, declaring him the Playboy empire's "Number One Predator."

"It wasn't just Hefner's buddies, his friends, the big VIPs," PJ Masten, who worked for Playboy from 1972–82 and dated the head of Playboy security, claimed in the Monday, March 21 episode. "It was Hefner himself."

The episode also featured several eye witnesses, including one woman who claims she was drugged and raped by Hefner. She revealed what Hefner was allegedly capable of inside the infamous Playboy Mansion.

Susie Krabacher, then known as Susie Scott, claimed that Hefner offered her something when she met him at his bedroom to make the case that she should be named Playmate of the Year. "I just took it, not thinking much about it," she said of the pill and soda Hefner allegedly gave her. "At first it didn't dawn on me that it was a drug."

"I don't remember laying down," she recalled. "I don't remember if I even said anything to him about Playmate of the Year. I woke up with him on top of me. He was naked, and my pants were off, my pajama bottoms were off. I thought that I was having a nightmare because it didn't seem possible."

As for why he assaulted her, Krabacher said, "Maybe it's because I didn't show him a lot of attention. Maybe I was one of the few who he had not slept with, and maybe he didn't like that," she opined. "The next morning, I was so ashamed, I wanted to just die."

Krabacher added that she, like so many others, knew Hefner had a habit of recording his sexual encounters. "It haunted me that he might have a video of me when he was on top of me," she shared. "I pray that because I was unconscious he would not show it to anyone because it's illegal. My saving thought is that he had to have destroyed it because he's showing himself committing a crime."

Meanwhile, Sondra Theodore and Stefan Tetenbaum, Hefner's valet from 1978–81, claimed that Hefner showed a larger predatory pattern. "At the Mansion, the process was, you first meet Hefner, you have sex with him, and then he passes you around to his friends. You don't violate this order of sexual activity," Tetenbaum revealed.

"Hef like the girls young," Theodore added, "and he liked them from a broken family where there wasn't a father involved because he could impress them and control them more, because they would be more likely to please him or please his friends. Hefner enjoyed taking these fresh girls and breaking them."

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