'Alaskan Bush People' Star Bear Brown Released Without Bail After Domestic Violence Arrest

The TV personality was taken into custody at Okanogan County Jail and charged with assault in the fourth degree following an alleged physical altercation with his wife Raiven Adams.

AceShowbiz - Bear Brown has finally gotten his freedom back. The "Alaskan Bush People" star has been released without bail after he was arrested for domestic violence involving his wife Raiven Adams.

The 34-year-old TV personality, whose real name is Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown, was released from Okanogan County Jail on Monday, March 14, per The Sun. According to arrest records, he was taken into police custody on March 11 around 11:30 P.M. and charged with assault in the fourth degree following an alleged physical altercation with his spouse. His court date is set for April 26.

The investigative report claimed that when Bear tried to take a phone away from his wife, he "put her on the ground." The deputy said in the doc, "Raiven stated the argument had started from the last night. Bear was cussing at her and being crazy. Ravien stated they are currently moving out of the residence and into the camp trailer, so must [sic] of their stuff is in the camp trailer."

"At night, Raiven moves there [sic] child in common over to the camp trailer to sleep," added the deputy. "Bear was in the camp trailer and Raiven went over and told Bear she was coming into the camper due to all of their stuff being in there."

According to the report, Bear "began cussing" at Raiven and told her "to leave the camp trailer." However, Raiven explained to Bear that "they needed to be in the camp trailer due to all of their stuff being in there," leading him to leave the premises in a vehicle.

After Raiven went to the camp trailer with their son, River, and laid down in bed, Bear was allegedly "banging on the door" upon his return but she "did not feel comfortable letting him in." The report further stated that he returned "multiple times throughout the night asking for items."

The next day, Raiven was on FaceTime with her mother in the camp trailer when Bear entered and accused her of being "crazy." The document added, "Raiven then stated Bear pushed her down on the bed and was trying to take her phone," before pointing out that Bear "was holding her down by having one hand on her hip and the other on hand."

"Raiven stated she does not have cell service there and Bear knows it. Raiven stated Bear was trying to take the phone so Raiven's stepdad couldn't hear her ask him to call the cops," read the report. "Raiven stated she was scratched on her hand during the argument. Raiven then told Bear, she was going to call the cops and Bear left. Raiven was unsure of where he had went and did not know if it was to his mother's house or the property on the mountain."

According to Raiven's recount to police, Bear had pushed her a "few times." The deputy who spoke to Raiven said he "did not observe any marks other than the scratch" on her finger and said there weren't any "under her clothing."

Raiven's parents, Raymond Contes and Cassy Contes, also spoke to the deputy before submitting the video of Raiven and Bear's argument. While Raymond didn't witness the alleged attack, the stepfather claimed to overhear Raiven saying her husband was "hurting" her as well as Bear calling her a "b***h." Cassy also allegedly heard Bear using explicit language and claimed to see him "on top of" her daughter.

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