Joe Rogan Defends Cain Velasquez After Arrest for Attempted Murder: I Wish He Beat Him to Death

Also speaking up in support of the UFC legend are UFC president Dana White and MMA stars such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Henry Cejudo, who call on the judge to release Cain from jail.

AceShowbiz - Joe Rogan has defended Cain Velasquez in the wake of the professional wrestler's recent arrest for attempted murder. The comedian, who is fresh from his own controversy regarding COVID misinformation on his podcast series, says that he wishes no less than death for an alleged molester whom Cain shot at last week.

The UFC analyst shared his stance on the case in a new episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience". Taking the UFC legend's side, he said that he wishes the fighter had beaten his relative's alleged molester "to death."

"I mean, my only wish is that he did it with his hands," Joe told Michael Bisping. "My only wish is that he just ran the car off the road, pulled that guy out of the f**king car, and beat him to death. F**k you." Michael agreed with Joe, adding, "And even that would have been too good for him."

The podcast host sympathized with Cain, whose young family member was allegedly molested by the guy named Harry Goularte Jr. "You could only imagine the rage, the f**king rage that must have been going through that man's mind," he said of the incarcerated wrestler.

Joe went on slamming the alleged molester. "That is a sickness," he said, speaking of the allegations against Harry. "There's like a certain sickness that people have, that human beings have, sicknesses of the mind. But that one, molesting a f**king baby? A four-year-old is like a baby. The molesting children is the sickest of all of those sicknesses."

Also speaking up in support of Cain were those from the wrestling and MMA communities. Over 30 people, including UFC president Dana White, MMA stars Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo and Kamaru Usman, wrestler Rey Mysterio, Bellator boss Scott Coker, Bellator heavyweight champ Ryan Bader and many others, have sent letters to Judge Shelyna Brown to free Cain on bail.

The judge, however, has denied Cain bail, saying his alleged actions were "reckless" and the "risk is too great" to allow the future UFC Hall of Famer out of county jail.

Cain was arrested on February 28 and charged with attempted first-degree murder along with a number of other weapons and assault charges after chasing after a vehicle that contained Harry and his stepfather. The 39-year-old shot at the man through the window but missed, and instead hit the man's stepfather and caused him non-life threatening injuries.

Harry was arrested approximately one week prior the incident for allegedly committing lewd acts on one of Cain's young family members as often as "100 times" at a daycare. The alleged molester, however, was released from custody on a personal recognizance bond, while Cain will remain in jail until April 12, when he is scheduled to again stand before the judge.

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