'RHOSLC': Jen Shah Claims Meredith Marks Has '10 Boyfriends'

A new episode of the Bravo TV series also sees the jewelry designer clarifying the embattled star's suspicion that the group believes she is behind the threats against the former's family.

AceShowbiz - A new episode of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" featured an explosive fight between Jen Shah and Meredith Marks. In the Sunday night, January 16 episode of the Bravo reality TV show, Jen made a bombshell accusation against Meredith as she claimed that the latter has "10 boyfriends."

"You're a f**king fraudulent … you've lived 10 lives!" Jen yelled at Meredith. As for the jewelry designer, she responded, "Who's calling who a fraud? Love you, baby. Bye!" while walking away from a contentious group dinner in Zion, Utah.

Meredith might not hear her comment, but Jen continued to fire back, "Ask your 10 motherf**king boyfriends!" Meredith has been married to husband Seth for more than 2 decades, so Jen's accusation was pretty much shocking.

Prior to the screaming match, Jen called out Meredith for allegedly hiring a private investigator to get dirt on the embattled TV star, who was arrested in March 2021 for money laundering and wire fraud. "Well, since we're all being honest right now, I would like to know, Meredith, why you hired a private investigator to research about me?" she asked.

Meredith fired back, "I never hired a private investigator to investigate you. I hired a private investigator to investigate why my family was receiving threats." She went on to say that she submitted "every single one you to be investigated," before pointing at Jen and saying, "Not you. So let's clarify that."

Jen later turned to co-star Jennie Nguyen and asked her about information she gave her regarding Meredith hiring a private investigator to look into her, which appeared to be wrong. "It's so upsetting to me because I told her the truth, and yet she turned it on me, which is unbelievable," Jennie said in a confessional.

The episode also saw Meredith confirming Jen's suspicion that the group believed she was behind the threats against the former's family. "I didn't say that ... [but] the investigator did say with ninety percent certainty he thought it was you," Meredith said, much to Jen's shock.

Meredith further made her point, saying that Jed had "been awful to my family, just be honest." Firing back, Jen called out Meredith's son, Brooks Marks. "He said he saw my vagina," Jen exclaimed, but Meredith denied such claim.

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