The daytime talk show queen reportedly has 'disappeared' and 'isolated herself' from 'anybody connected to the show' amid her physical and mental health issues.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has sparked rumors that she may "never return" to her iconic purple chair on "The Wendy Williams Show". If a new report is to be believed, the daytime diva is "not speaking to producers" and has "disappeared."

A source close to the 57-year-old TV host revealed to The Sun on Thursday, January 13 that she has cut off communication with her show's production team. "She hasn't been talking to anybody, not producers, not senior producers, no one," the insider told the outlet. "She has disappeared and the only line of contact production has is through her manager."

"Her manager is an ex-cop, so they like him because he can be a policeman for her," the so-called inside source continued, noting, "He really has no control over her anyway." The informant further pointed out that Wendy has "isolated herself from everyone and isn't talking to anybody connected to the show."

In the meantime, other sources told the outlet that staffers fear Wendy will never return to the show as her ongoing health woes continue to keep her from returning to her daytime talk show. The insider shared, "I don't think she's ever going to come back to the studio."

Reports of Wendy cutting off the communication with the show's producers arrived just days after Wendy's son Kevin Hunter Jr. uploaded an Instagram Story that revealed their location. In the boomerang clip, Kevin added a location tag, Miami Downtown Brickell.

In the video, Wendy could be seen looking better and healthy amid her physical and mental health issues. The TV hostess, who wore a white hoodie and a pair of Daisy Dukes, sat in a bed while sipping what appeared to be a glass of fresh-pressed juice. On her lap, the daytime diva had a plate full of healthy salad.

Last December, Wendy's brother Tommy Williams also insisted that he's fully confident "she's not finished." He shared, "I'm on the outside looking in just like you all. She's not gone folks, she is just recalibration go. If Wendy weren't doing well, I wouldn't be sitting here smiling."

Days prior to Tommy's statement, Wendy was reportedly ready to make a "big comeback" to her show. A source said at the time, "If anybody thinks Wendy is done with television and show business in general, they're sadly mistaken. Wendy has been in this industry almost her entire life and she's definitely preparing to make a big comeback."

"She's feeling better every day and has every intention on coming back to her show, and even wants to work on some other projects in the upcoming year," the informant stated. "Wendy never planned on not returning so that's not something that's even on her radar."

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