Kid Trunks Reveals Near-Death Experience After Catching COVID and Being Diagnosed With Cancer

After sparking rumors that he's passed away, the XXXTENTACION affiliate explains that the doctor finds out he has 'chest cancer' during his coronavirus treatment.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Kid Trunks has opened up about his near-death experience after testing positive for COVID-19 and being diagnosed with chest cancer. The XXXTENTACION affiliate was forced to unveil his diagnosis after it was rumored that he had passed away.

"My account was hacked posted on then the post was deleted u guys," the "777" artist explained in an Instagram Story on Monday, January 3. "I wanted to keep silence about my situation but I'll explain to you guys later today... I was near death but I didn't die! Thanks you all for being there & caring."

In a follow-up Story, Trunks, whose real name is Minh Nguyen, offered more details as saying, "I caught Covid 19." The 21-year-old rapper further shared that while he's in the process of his COVID treatment, the doctor found out that he has "pneumonia cancer aka chest cancer." He also added hashtags that read, "#f**kcancer #Webuiltstrong."

As for now, Trunks is being treated in the hospital. After revealing his diagnosis, he has received prayers and positive messages from his fans on social media. "Hope bros doing alright," one fan wrote. Another added, "Sending my prayers for kid trunks." Meanwhile, a separate person penned, "Damn prayers up, he's a underground legend."

"Damn bruh, it's scary seeing someone so young getting cancer and close to death," another social media user shared. Someone else chimed in, "I may not have been the biggest Trunks fan in the past but I've certainly always known of and respected him, and even kept up with/ supported him since X's passing. This is so sad to see. It's also incredibly scary."

Aside from dealing with his health scare, Trunks, who was brought into the Members Only when he was 15 years old by the late XXXTENTACION, also suffers from mental health issues. Back in March 2020, the Vietnamese-American rapper told Miami New Times, "I've been dealing with depression and anxiety my whole life."

"I didn't care at first. I had less responsibilities. I'd just go to a party and get f**ked up, and everything was cool," Trunks continued. "But as I got older, it got a lot worse because I got hit with a lot of life things and had more responsibilities. But I really didn't have suicidal tendencies ever. That was the first time and last time I ever do anything like that."

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