Kash Doll Defends Baby's Name After Haters Call It 'Ghetto'

The 'Ice Me Out' rapper fires back at the online trolls who criticized the name she picked for her first child as she vents her frustrations on Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz - Kash Doll was quick to react to those criticizing her baby's name. The 32-year-old female rapper hopped on Instagram Live to call out the haters and defend the name she picked for her little one. She addressed the critics while tidying up her baby's clothes.

The pregnant femcee, real name Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, previously revealed she was going to name her bundle of joy Kashton Prophet Knight Richardson. But her excitement for soon-to-be motherhood was marred by trolls who called her baby's name "ghetto."

Wearing an animal-print robe, the mom-to-be told her online followers, "If whatever it is ghetto, so what? I'm ghetto. I'm from the hood. Let me be ghetto in peace."

She additionally set the record straight on the rumors that she had delivered her baby, "And no, I did not give birth. I don't know why that's trending. I'm still pregnant."

"Stop everything about the baby to talk. He's not even here yet," she said, adding she found it crazy how people were so obsessed with someone else's child. "Y'all don't know I really was going to smack the f**k out of y'all, I swear to God."

"I had to get that off my chest because I'm so tired. I'm so tired. Y'all always have something, y'all pretty much find something to talk about," she continued to vent her frustrations. "Shut up if you don't have nothing nice to say about someone else's child. Don't say nothing."

All the nitpickings and the trollings made her feel discouraged to post about her family. But it's a no-win situation for her because she knew some people would be mad if she didn't upload them.

"That's why celebrities hide their children right after birth and people be complaining still," she pinned one of the supportive messages from a fan for others to see.

Kash Doll announced her pregnancy in September and confirmed her boyfriend Tracy T was the father. She later posted a clip from her ultrasound appointment, "Look he bad already this was at 3 months yall. this how i knew he was a boy!"

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