Brittany Renner Unashamedly Shares Her Threatening Voicemail to P. J. Washington

After the Charlotte Hornets player accused her of 'faking it all along' following their split in July, the model tells him to delete the tweet or 'I will f**king drag you.'

AceShowbiz - Brittany Renner got honest about getting overly emotional over P. J. Washington's shady tweet that was seemingly aimed at her. After the NBA star called her out on social media following their split in July, the model left a threatening voice message to her ex-boyfriend.

Sitting down for a VladTV interview, the Instagram vixen unveiled the explosive voicemail. "I will air this b***h the f**k out. Delete the f**king tweet!" she was heard screaming in the voicemail she played for DJ Vlad. "You are a f**king psychof**kingpath liar hypocrite. Delete the f**king tweet or I will f**king drag you, b***h!"

Noting that she was "toxic" in the voice mail, Brittany admitted she might sound "overreacting" at the time. "I don't recognize that woman in that voicemail," she said with a laugh after playing the voice mail, adding that her sister also laughed at her.

During the interview with DJ Vlad, Brittany also recalled the time P. J. claimed he wasn't allowed to see his newborn son with Brittany. Claiming that she wasn't herself as she was in a bad mental state after giving birth, she also revealed that she had suicidal thought which she never had before.

As for P. J.'s tweet that sent Brittany enraged, the Charlotte Hornets player wrote, "You were faking it all along." Recently, he tweeted, "Stay woke people be living fake lives out here," following Brittany's appearance at Jackson State University.

She quickly responded on Twitter at the time, replying to her baby daddy's cryptic message, "Agreed! It's crazy bruh." She then seemingly threatened to leak his intimate photos and videos as adding, "I have 127 screenshots and 30 videos…what you wanna do?"

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