Jayda Cheaves Explains Why She Split From Lil Baby, Details Jamaica Arrest

The 24-year-old entrepreneur answers questions about her love life just days after she and her baby daddy reunited at the launch of her Pretty Little Thing collection.

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves hopped on Instagram Live recently to have a sharing session with her fans. During the live stream, the entrepreneur explained why she split from Lil Baby and also detailed her September arrest in Jamaica.

When it came to the question of why she and Baby are no longer together, Cheaves said, "You know, people just -- time. Time tells everything. Some people just outgrow each other." She added, "It's life but I told you don't come here and ask about that and you came straight on here and asked about it."

While they are no longer in a romantic relationship, Cheaves and Baby manage to maintain close friendship. Earlier this month, the emcee helped his baby mama celebrate the launch of her Pretty Little Thing collection.

In a video surfacing online, the exes were seen walking side-by-side as the rapper, who's been linked romantically to Saweetie, wrapped his arm on her shoulder. Another video saw the two having a toast as they flashed megawatt smiles at her party.

Back to the Instagram Live, Cheaves also opened up about her arrest in Jamaica, where she spent her 24th birthday trip. When she's about to leave the island, she and her friend Greg Wright were taken into custody for carrying two 9mm pistols and 15 rounds of ammunition. Admitting that she's scared, the businesswoman recalled, "I was at first, I was like, don't nobody taking me to jail- they gon take the guns and we gon go our way."

"When they put me in the back of the police car I was honestly shaking in my boots!" the 24-year-old further recounted. Noting that she was put in a different jail from her pal, she shared, "Shaking in my boots, I was so scared….it was over for me... I don't know none, I'm out of the country, I can't just pick my phone and call [anyone]. I was like I'm done."

"I was offering dem people everything, y'all could have my watch, y'all could have my chain, Cause I had on some bracelets and some rings, I didn't even have on a watch and I was like y'all can have this… I was oh this bracelet is worth $10,000 just take it, just let me go, please!" Cheaves continued. "But I kept my composure, I kept it cute, I wanted to cry so bad but I didn't, I kept it cute."

Cheaves and Wright both pleaded guilty. Each of them was fined $500,000 for illegal possession of firearm and $300,000 for illegal possession of ammunition, which equaled about US$5,400. They were allowed to leave after satisfying the fine.

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