Jeff Garlin Hasn't Been Fired From 'The Goldbergs' Despite Alleged On-Set Misbehaviour
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In a lengthy interview, the 59-year-old comedian admits to his 'silly' behavior on the set of the ABC sitcom though he insists that he doesn't mean harm.

AceShowbiz - Jeff Garlin has set the record straight about his status on ABC sitcom "The Goldbergs". Despite ongoing investigations on his alleged demeaning and unprofessional behavior on the set, the comedian revealed on Friday, December 3 that he hasn't been fired from the show.

In a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair, the 59-year-old comedian admitted to his "silly" behavior though he insisted that he didn't mean harm. He said, "I'm on a comedy show. I am always a kind and thoughtful person. I make mistakes, sure. But my comedy is about easing people's pain. Why would I ever want to cause pain in anybody for a laugh? That's bullying. That's just uncalled for."

Jeff also claimed that he hasn't been fired from the show despite the allegations of his on-set misbehavior. "There has been an HR investigation on me the past three years. HR has come to me three years in a row for my behavior on set," he said.

He also addressed the "physical and verbal" altercation with a stand-in which reporter Maureen Ryan said she heard occurred on the set. "I will say the joke was missed and I apologize to him. If someone misses a joke, that's unfortunate to me. I don't like it," he said on the matter, adding that the joke was "completely silly, it was - and it was misconstrued, but there was nothing physical."

Additionally, Jeff responded to reports that he would touch and hug cast and crew members against their will. "I gotta be honest with you. I am a person who hugs for sure," he admitted, adding, "And it's quick hugs, but I didn't realize that anyone was feeling--so if you want to write that story, that's a true story. It puts the onus on them to say something, and I would gladly respect anyone who said, 'Please don't hug me. I don't feel comfortable.' " He also said he would "never physically come at anyone, for any reason."

In the interview, he denied the allegations that he "sent a text to a Goldbergs colleague saying that they should go to the next table-read wearing only panties." He explained, "I didn't write those words. And I'd like to see the text and who I sent it to. But everything that I write like that is about joking. I am respectful of women and women's bodies. And I don't make jokes about that, because I don't find it funny. I'm telling you that I don't talk that way. That's all, I'm just telling you. That's not in my M.O. Really. It's not."

Jeff claimed that while he's unsure if "The Goldbergs" will go beyond the current season, he said that his goals for the remaining episodes in season 9 was "to make it go smooth." He continued, "I will not be doing any of my silly stuff or anything, out of respect. I'm just going to keep it on the QT, because you know why? They're [Sony] my bosses. And they have every right to have the set be the way they want."

"I have a platform. I will continue to have a platform. So I'm not feeling like I'm silenced, and I'm also wanting to cooperate with the way Sony wants things done, because they're the boss. I get that," he said. "And I'm sorry, I truly am sorry, to have hurt anyone's feelings, or made anyone feel greatly uncomfortable. That's for sure."

Sony Pictures Television spokesperson, meanwhile, said in a statement to PEOPLE, "The well-being of our cast and crew is of utmost importance to us. This is an employment matter and it is being addressed by HR and production."

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