The former golf champion reveals he nearly lost one of his legs after he suffered serious injuries following a near-fatal car accident early this year in California.

AceShowbiz - Tiger Woods almost lost his right leg following his car crash in February (21).

The sportsman survived a horror crash in Palos Verdes, California and underwent several surgeries to save his shattered leg, and he now reveals amputation was "on the table" as medics tried to piece him back together.

Revealing he is still experiencing a lot of pain in his recovery, Woods told Golf Digest it was a "50/50" call whether he would need to have his leg amputated on the operating table.

Tiger has also addressed the media at a news conference at the Hero World Challenge golf event in the Bahamas, just days after posting a short clip of himself hitting a golf ball online.

Woods refused to discuss his car accident, insisting his version of events would be contained in crash investigators' reports, but he expanded on the pain he continues to suffer, adding, "A lot of things in my body hurt at that time."

He is also trying to avoid any media coverage of the crash, stating, "I didn't want to have my mind go there yet, it wasn't ready."

And he urged reporters to stay away from his family, adding, "People are going to poke and prod and want to know more about my business. I understand that. They can poke and prod at me all they want, just stay away from my family."

During the news conference, Tiger also discussed his future, explaining he is uncertain if he will return to full-time professional golf.

"As far as playing at the tour level, I don't know when that's going to happen," Woods said. "I'll play a round here and there..."

"Am I going to put my family through it again, am I going to put myself out there again? We had a talk within the family and all of us sat down and said if this leg co-operates and I get to the point where I can play the tour, is it OK with you guys if I try and do it? The consensus was yes. Internally, I haven't reached that point. I haven't proven it to myself yet."

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