Donald Trump Jr.'s Insult to Big 'B***h' LeBron James Backfires

Don Jr. is quickly slammed after people start catching wind of his Instagram post as someone labels the son of former president Donald Trump 'the biggest b***h in politics.'

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump Jr. has weighed in on the news that LeBron James got two rude fans ejected from a recent NBA game. Making use of his Instagram account, the son of former president Donald Trump criticized the Los Angeles Lakers star and even called him a "b***h."

In the Saturday, November 27 post, Don Jr. shared a video of the 36-year-old athlete asking security to kick out two people who were sitting in the front row for allegedly talking bad about his children. "Is there a bigger b***h in pro sports than LaSnitch?" Don Jr. wrote in the caption.

Don Jr. was quickly slammed after people started catching wind of the post. "Someone should tell Don Jr. that not being able to concede after losing an election by more than 7 million votes means you're the biggest b***h in politics," one Twitter user wrote. Another person added, "LeBron James accomplished more by the time he graduated high school than Don Jr. has in his entire life."

One other tweeted, "I wonder if Don Jr wants to call LeBron a b***h to his face." Another user opined, "@DonaldJTrumpJr is worried & He's jealous of @KingJames b/c he worked hard & built his own brand & wealth."

LeBron made headlines earlier this month when he asked security to remove Indiana Pacers fans from their courtside seats at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse during a game against the team. In a video circulating online, LeBron was seen bringing referee Rodney Mott over to the sideline as he pointed his fingers at the two fans. Arena officials then approached them, telling the man and the woman to leave the court.

"When obscene gestures and language come into it, (it) can't be tolerated," LeBron said after the Wednesday night, November 24 game. "There's a difference from cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn't say to me."

It remains to be seen what the man and the woman said that it made LeBron upset. However, it was said one of the individuals allegedly wished his son Bronny "dies in a car wreck."

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