Ebro Darden Admits Referring to Tinashe's Name as 'Ghetto' Is Such a 'Terrible Joke'
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The 46-year-old Hot 97 host makes his offensive remark regarding the 'Save Room for Us' singer in an old clip of his interview with his co-host Peter Rosenberg.

AceShowbiz - Ebro Darden has issued an apology over his old remarks about Tinashe. Having come under fire for referring to the "2 On" singer's name as "ghetto," the Hot 97 co-host admitted that it was such a "terrible joke."

The radio personality made the comments while chatting with co-host Peter Rosenberg. In the clip which resurfaced on Thursday, November 25, he was seen trying to find out Tinashe's last name. "Can we point out how light-skinned she is with a ghetto-a** name?" he asked Peter.

Having caught off guard by Ebro's question, Peter defended Tinashe, "It's not a ghetto name, it's an African name." He added, "Sometimes these ghetto names are actually African."

Many have since dragged Ebro on Twitter. One in particular argued, "Ebro is damn colorist, anti-Black, and xenophobic for making fun of her name. I would have walked out of this interview after he said this. Rosenberg is the only one that made sense." A different user tweeted, "Ebro way too grown to be chatting like a f**king college frat boy. N***as be 40+ and lame as s**t."

Another individual raged, "lmao imagine a n***a named Ebro trynna clown my s**t without me setting the entire building on F I R E." Someone else added, "Ebro old a** need his a** beat. Crazy Rosenberg was defending her and not the black man smh." One person noted, "The Tinashe/Ebro thing just makes me sad because like 99% of internalized racism in America is a result of this s**tty racist culture people who look like me built for centuries."

Having caught wind of the heat, Ebro showed his remorse. "Yea this was a terrible joke, we were using the name skit for people to learn her origins… love Tinashe thats my homey still," the 46-year-old wrote on his Twitter page on Friday.

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