Jack Harlow Reflects on His Success With Photo of Him Performing for Empty Crowd on First Tour

The 'Industry Baby' hitmaker, who performed in front of about 26 people on his first tour, invites anyone in the said image to meet him so he can thank them in person.

AceShowbiz - Jack Harlow won't forget his starting point in the music industry. When reflecting on his success, the "Industry Baby" hitmaker took to social media to share a picture of him performing for an empty crowd at his very first tour.

The 23-year-old emcee shared the photo in question on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the Saturday, November 20 snap, he was seen performing in front of around 26 people only.

"This is a photo of me performing at the very first show on my first tour ever. Birmingham, Alabama in 2018," Jack wrote in the caption. "Tonight is the last show of the tour I'm currently on...and its in Birmingham. Sold out. Thank u."

Jack also noted in the comment section that he wanted to thank anyone in the image personally. "If anyone in this photo comes to the show tonight I got some merch and a massive hug for you," he penned.

The post has since been flooded with positive feedback from many. One in particular was fellow rapper G-Eazy, who raved, "Congrats brother. Love the journey." Macklemore simply exclaimed, "Crazy."

Jack has previously opened up about his first tour experience. "I didn't like it as I felt like there weren't enough people in the crowd," he told Dazed Digital in 2020. "I wasn't quite there yet (as an artist) so I had to take those hits to my ego and stay humble. But the journey was worth it as I really like who I've become. I think I'm ready for arenas now."

Jack, who has been on the "Creme De La Creme Tour", also had a big moment days prior as his idol Drake attended his Toronto show. "Tonight was a dream come true for me for more than one reason," the former told the crowd before leaving the stage. "First off, you sold this b***h out. Second, I was halfway through my performance when I looked up and I seen my idol looking at me, man… Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT one time."

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