Mickey Guyton Crying as Baby Boy Finally 'Smiles' After Emergency Hospitalization

The country music star reveals her nine-month-old son is on the mend after being rushed to emergency room with dehydration because of a 'severe stomach bug.'

AceShowbiz - Country star Mickey Guyton's baby son is "getting better by the minute" after mum raced him to the hospital with a mystery ailment earlier this month (Nov21).

Nine-month-old Grayson Savoy, who the hitmaker shares with her husband Grant Savoy, is on the mend after his worried parents whisked him to a medical facility when something seemed very wrong with the tot.

The panicked star shared the news on Twitter on Thursday (18Nov21), writing, "I normally don't do this but my son is being sent to the icu (intensive care unit). The doctors don't know what's wrong. Please please pray."

On Saturday, Mickey shared a lengthy update explaining Grayson is on the mend after doctors diagnosed him with dehydration due to a "severe stomach bug." She called watching him in distress "truly terrifying" and also noted local hospitals were "maxxed out and understaffed" due to a shortage of nursing staff.

"A pediatric doctor named Dr. Grace, stayed by Grayson's side the entire time we were in the er (emergency room), discovered the problem and help create a plan to heal baby Grayson," she penned in part. "Our family, Dr. Nathan Ford also took action and helped Grayson secure a bed at the hospital when all the hospital's were maxed out and understaffed because of nurse shortages (sic)."

"I truly believe Grayson would not be on the road to a full recovery without them. Grayson is doing much better, all signs are stable and improving..."

She also added Grayson is a "fighter," but is still "weak" and has lost "a lot of weight" and urged followers to continue praying for him.

But on Sunday, she revealed her boy has really turned a corner.

"My baby smiled today. He hasn't smiled since November 11th," the relieved hitmaker tweeted, alongside a crying emoji.

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