'Doctor Strange' Sequel Undergoes Significant Reshoots
Marvel Studios/Jay Maidment

Words on the street are, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' cast and crew are set to work six days a week in Los Angeles for the six weeks of reshoots.

AceShowbiz - The "Doctor Strange" sequel is undergoing "significant reshoots."

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness", the follow-up to Marvel's 2016 "Doctor Strange" movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is set for six weeks of reshoots, with cast and crew working six days a week in Los Angeles.

One source played down the reshoots, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "Even while in the middle of production, Marvel is scheduling you for more shooting." Another added, "We've had bigger reshoots on other MCU movies."

However, some insiders believe the scale of the reshoots is significant, "They're here until the end of the year. That's like a whole other movie."

Speaking about the reshoots on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" recently, Cumberbatch said, "It's really exciting and the film is shaping up to be something special."

In a separate interview, Cumberbatch also talked about how COVID-19 affected the production of the sequel. To The Hollywood Reporter, he shared, "I lost count of how many lockdowns we actually filmed through."

"With this government-approved gold standard testing and tracing and temperature taking... it worked, and 500-plus crew came back after Christmas, and there was not one single positive test," he went on boasting. "We never stopped it."

"I got taken off, because of someone near me getting a false positive. But that was it. People made such sacrifices. Some of their children were going to school, and they weren't necessarily going to be sleeping in the same part of the house, or even in the same house. I was really, really blown away by that."

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