Lisa Rinna's Daughter Delilah Hamlin Relies on Boyfriend Eyal Booker's Support Amid Health Scare

The eldest daughter of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star has found her boyfriend to be 'her rock' as she battles 'certain autoimmune diseases.'

AceShowbiz - Delilah Hamlin has found support in her boyfriend Eyal Booker amid her health scare. The eldest daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin leaned on her man amid her "scary" health journey.

The 23-year-old beauty has found Eyal to be "her rock" as she battled with "certain autoimmune diseases." A source told Us Weekly that "[Eyal]'s been super supportive all along," noting that "it's been hard on him too but he's 100 percent there for her."

"Delilah and Eyal have been together this entire time. They were apart for a bit when he was in Europe, but they always come back to each other," the insider further explained. "He can't stay here in the U.S. for long periods of time and she can't spend too long in London, mainly because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions." The couple, who started dating in 2019, has had to adjust to a long-distance relationship amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Delilah unveiled her "scary" health journey in a nearly 30-minute Instagram video she shared on Tuesday, November 2. "Basically, in the beginning of the year, I want to say February and March, is when I got my COVID-19 vaccine," she began. "And after the second vaccine, I was sick for, like, 36 hours. I felt like my bones were breaking but, like, whatever. That's when everything kind of started."

Delilah went on to clarify that she wasn't against the vaccine, but that her second dose "triggered certain autoimmune diseases." She said, "I started getting really sick, I started feeling like I had the flu. I was getting migraines, I was having panic attacks -- it was like my body was in constant 'fight or flight' mode. It was horrible. I just knew in my gut that there was something else wrong."

Eyal then helped her to find help as she had panic attacks. "It was actually getting really scary to the point where Eyal didn't know what to do. My boyfriend was taking me to the hospital, calling ambulances, crying," she recalled. "I don't know, it was a lot."

After attempting to seek treatment for her panic attacks with a psychiatrist, Delilah revealed that she was over-prescribed and told to take "three milligrams of Xanax a day." The California native shared, "My body got dependent on Xanax number one, and number two, I overdosed. I didn't mean to at all. I overdosed on this one medication called Propranolol. I took Benadryl with it and, for some reason, I ended up in the hospital."

As Delilah was getting better, Lisa thanked fans and followers for their outpouring support. "Thank you to all of the angels who have reached out, sharing their stories, sending their love and prayers," the star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" wrote in an Instagram Story. She added, "We are so grateful to you all for your help and your guidance!!"

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