Fans Mourn Death of 22-Year-Old TikTok Star Huey Haha

In the wake of the comedian's death, his friend Coby Jdn creates a GoFundMe page and states that 'all proceeds will be going towards his funeral and his young daughter Princess.'

AceShowbiz - TikTok star Huey Haha has sadly passed away at such a young age. After his passing was confirmed on Instagram, fans of the 22-year-old Internet personality took to social media to mourn his death.

"Rest In Peace to Huey Ha. Huey Ha passed away October 25, 2021," so read the announcement shared on the late star's page on Wednesday, October 27. "He loved and appreciated every single one of his supporters. This is the official gofundme all proceeds will go towards funeral costs and his daughter."

Many of Huey's online devotees have since sent out their prayers. "Rest in Paradise Huey. Thank you for shining more love, light, and laughter into the world. You will be missed," one person wrote. "R.I.P to the homie, gone wayyy to soon," another penned. "You will be missed fam," a third added. "RIP."

No further details about Huey's death have been revealed. According to the fundraising page created by his friend Coby Jdn, which raised more than $26,000 of $15,000 goal, "all proceeds will be going towards his funeral and his young daughter Princess."

The first to report Huey's death was @jackfroot on Instagram. Sharing a video of the late comedian, the page wrote, "@hueyhaha_ shared this video titled 'When you depressed' to his YouTube channel back in June."

"Life gets hard. Sometimes we see the signs and sometimes we don't. Some of the happiest people hide the most pain," the message continued. "You truly don't know what's going on in someone's minds unless you help them open up."

"Sometimes all people need to do is vent or get things off of their chest," it added. "We all get busy with life. Please check in on your loved ones. Sometimes all you need to do is ask someone how they're doing, if they want to talk, or simply to go eat."

Noting that "everyone goes through and faces some form of sadness and depression in life one time or another," the account reminded its followers, "Please know that there is a lot of professional help and great resources out there. Talking to a mental health expert/therapist can really help and it makes you feel better also."

"Sometimes when you're busy trying to make the world happy, you forget to take care of yourself inside and make yourself happy," the message concluded. "Rest in Paradise Huey. Thank you for making the world a brighter better place through your funny relatable videos. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth."

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