A source reveals that the pair, who have been married since May 2006, have been arguing after the 'Pretty Hard Cases' actor 'went missing' for two days over another fight.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling wants to break free from Dean McDermott. If a new report is to believed, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star "wants a divorce" from the actor. However, it isn't easy because "she feels trapped right now."

According to Us Weekly, the couple, who has been married since May 2006, recently had a "fight." A source revealed that the pair were arguing after the "Pretty Hard Cases" actor "went missing" for two days over another fight.

It was said that upon his return, Dean told Tori that he would sue her for alimony and child support. According to the insider, the "90210MG" podcast co-host pointed out that Dean won't get any money if they divorce before he signed a prenup before they got married.

However, when Tori learned that Dean could still sue her for child support if they split, the actress allegedly "went ballistic." The 48-year-old actress was "pissed" at her attorneys, said the informant.

The report also stated that the "Spelling It Like It Is" author was "very upset" due to their most recent fight, considering that they "have tried counseling" from time to time. The couple "constantly fight and break up," but the insider claimed that this argument was "really serious."

Despite feeling "miserable" with her husband, Tori was said to be remaining in the marriage for the sake of their kids, Liam (14), Stella (13), Hattie (9), Finn (9) and Beau (4). The source noted that the "Scary Movie 2" actress "sucked it up" their family trip to Disneyland on Thursday, October 21, because their kids "have no idea what's going on." Of the reasons behind the fights, the source it was related to their financial situation. "Money is an issue and it's always been an issue."

Back in September, Tori reportedly planned to divorce Dean over his sex addiction. "Her and Dean have been done for about three months now. To their credit, they tried... they really tried. But Dean's sex addiction became too much for Tori. He absolutely did not cheat, but he just wants sex all the time," a source said at the time.

"This time she's done. Tori is a mom of five, has a business, and is working on new projects. She can't just give Dean sex whenever he asks for it - and she needs more emotionally from him and he can't do that," the source continued. "Some of the stuff I've seen has been sad."

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