Playboi Carti's Fan Brags About Going to His Concert With Ankle Monitor, Only to Have Show Canceled

The 'Miss the Rag' rapper, who was supposed to perform at the NRG Arena in Houston on Saturday, October 23, got his show canceled after some fans breached security barriers.

AceShowbiz - One of Playboi Carti's hardcore fans might be very disappointed. After the unnamed fan boasted about going to the "Miss the Rage" rapper's concert with an ankle monitor on, the Texas show unfortunately got canceled.

On Saturday night, October 23, the individual went to the NRG Arena in Houston with some of his pals to see Carti's performance. In a video surfacing online, he was seen showing off his house arrest jewelry to the crowd. While the crowd was cheering on him, the guy boasted, "I broke my whole curfew just to see Carti."

The fan broke the rules for nothing though since Carti's concert was shut down due to security concerns. Footage circulating on social media showed some fans breaching security barriers around the arena and rushing the venue, prompting chaos.

A number of police officers then ordered the packed crowd to leave the stadium. It remains unknown whether anyone got arrested or injured at the incident. According to the Houston Chronicle, the NRG officials promised concertgoers a refund.

This was not the first time chaos ensued at Carti's show. Back in August, fans of Miley Cyrus lamented getting stuck in a mosh pit from the Atlanta MC's set at Lollapalooza in Chicago. "Don't go to a carti concert his fans are insane someone punched my contact out people were passing out [someone] had a seizure ppl were / are bleeding," one of Cyrus' stans warned on Snapchat.

Someone else, on the other hand, shared a screenshot of a conversation with one concertgoer. "Bro cuz it was a ton of Miley girl stans," the person wrote. "Waiting for miley. They had no clue what was comin. I tried to warn em. Yes Miley went after them. So there was a ton of 4'11 white girls in tht b***h literally crying it was awful."

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