Creepy 'The Masked Singer' Costumes to Recreate for Halloween
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Some terrifying and jaw-dropping costumes on the popular singing competition can serve as inspiration for untraditional looks to recreate in this spooky season.

AceShowbiz - The spooky season is here! After skipping big celebration last year due to the pandemic, many are ready to bring in the fun again with costume parties, now that vaccines have been rolled out and the government has loosened the COVID-19 protocols.

There are no strict rules to choose Halloween costumes. Yet, after years of throwing the annual festivity, some familiar costumes can be found too repetitive and boring. Luckily, the inspiration for new costumes also keeps flowing.

"The Masked Singer" is one of the sources that provide inspiration for unique costumes. Premiered in 2019, the popular singing competition show continues to raise the bar each season with intricate and jaw-dropping costumes that hide the identity of the contestants.

These disguises, while not limited to spooky characters, can sometimes fit the theme of Halloween. To save your time in doing some research, here are some of the creepy costumes on "The Masked Singer" that can be recreated at forthcoming parties.

1. The Raven

The Raven

Not many were able to guess that Ricki Lake was the person behind The Raven costume that would instantly turn someone into a beast. To recreate the look, one would need a raven mask that can be painted silver for a glamor touch, a pin stripe suit, a pair of black wings and black gloves.

2. The Monster

The Monster

T-Pain clearly didn't live up to the name of his disguise, the Monster. The one-eyed character, which is like a mix of two main characters Sulley and Mike Wazowski in the movie "Monsters, Inc.", comes in full hairy body with three fingers, one eye and two horns.

3. Baby


Larry The Cable Guy's disguise, the Baby, looks like a crazy serial killer from a slasher movie and he didn't deny it. "It was a crazy suit. I know a lot of the older people were freaked out by the baby," so the comedian said of his costume. If it's too hard find an exact replica of the costume, try wearing a giant mask and draw one tooth on it, with an old-fashioned nightcap, an oversized onesie and a milk bottle hung on the neck.

4. Squiggly Monster

Squiggly Monster

If the one-eyed Monster doesn't convince you it would look scary enough, try Squiggly Monster. The costume, which concealed the identity of Bob Saget in season 4, has extra of pretty much everything. It has eight arms, lots of eyes and teeth with a top hat sitting on its long hair.

5. Lion


A menacing animal basked in glory was perhaps the idea behind Rumer Willis' character The Lion. While the all-gold costume looks glamorous, it may not cost a lot of money if one knows where to get a gold lion mask and long blonde wig, with gold outfit, long cape, gloves and boots.

6. The Rabbit

The Rabbit

It's safe to presume that Joey Fatone's Rabbit didn't entice anyone to pet it. The usually cute and loving animal is reimagined with a twist as it features a rabbit mask that gives scary look with ripped ears. To complete the look, one needs a straitjacket or simply a white jacket, white cargo pants, a pair of white shoes and gloves in the same color.

7. Whatchamacallit


Whatchamacallit kept the aim of the show intact, at least until the episode in which he was unmasked as New Orleans Pelicans player Lonzo Ball. The character gives the mysterious vibe with long and colorful hair all over the body. No need to worry about makeup when one wants to disguise as this character as its face is fully covered by the hair with only one eye on it.

8. Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The Mother Nature sounds like a delicate character, if one doesn't see how Toni Braxton's costume looks like on "The Masked Singer". Complementing her bewitching voice, the character is fully covered in green with fake plants serving as her long hair. This look ditches a mask for face paint in color and design that resembles a tree trunk.

9. Serpent


The Serpent is definitely one of the most intimidating costumes on the show, no thanks to its detailed faux snakeskin and animatronic tentacles. Thankfully, someone who wants to recreate this look will still be able to walk and move around as it wears boots and skin-tight pants instead of being wrapped in a full snake costume. To conceal the face, one needs a snake mask with a large mouth for a scarier look.

10. Jester


The Jester can give Joker (Batman's notorious villain) a run for his money. Still safe from being unmasked in the ongoing sixth season, the character has been deemed the creepiest on the show to date. The key point of this character is of course the face, with a huge triangle mouth that gives away a crazy smile expression. The costume, meanwhile, looks pretty similar to the Joker card, so it wouldn't be too hard to find one on online shop.

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