Jonah Hill Defiant Against Trolls Criticizing His Surfing Passion

'The Wolf of Wall Street' actor vows to never stop doing things that make him happy after a sign reading 'Jonah Hill Ruined Surfing' surfaced on stairs leading to San Onofre Beach.

AceShowbiz - Jonah Hill and his girlfriend have fired back at hateful trolls who believe the "Moneyball" star should quit surfing.

The actor and director first started riding the waves in 2019 and he and environmental activist Sarah Brady often post images of themselves enjoying their passion.

However, images of Jonah in a wetsuit appear to have upset some avid fans of the sport and a sign recently surfaced on stairs leading to popular San Diego, California surfing spot, San Onofre Beach, reading, "Jonah Hill Ruined Surfing."

Undeterred by the criticism, "The Wolf of Wall Street" star has posted a photo of the rude sign on his Instagram Story and defiantly states, "I will never stop doing things that make me happy no matter how insecure my happiness makes you."

Sarah has also posted a shot of the sign on social media and adds, "only kooks do s**t like this", adding, "If you feel the need to rain on someone else's parade, ask yourself why and consider getting yourself a life."

"I love my man @jonahhill and am proud of him for getting into surfing for the pure joy it brings."

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady via IG Story

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady shut down critics who criticized his surfing passion.

Back in 2019, Jonah celebrated his first foray into the water on his Instagram account. "Been terrified to surf my whole life," the "Don't Look Up" star captioned a photo of himself holding a surfboard. "Totally random fear and at the same time always been a secret dream of mine. Turned out to be one of the most fun experiences I've ever had."

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