Kacey Musgraves' Record Label Slams Grammys After New LP Is Deemed Not Country Enough

'Star-Crossed', the new studio installment by the 'Golden Hour' singer, has been snubbed from Best Country Album nomination at the upcoming Grammy Awards by Recording Academy.

AceShowbiz - Executives at Kacey Musgraves' record label have blasted Grammy bosses for ruling the singer's new album isn't country enough.

Recording Academy bosses have decided "Star-Crossed" is not eligible to be nominated for Best Country Album at the 2022 Grammys, and chiefs at Universal Music Group Nashville are not happy.

Company president Cindy Mabe has written a letter to Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason, Jr., which reads, "This decision from the country committee to not accept star-crossed into the country albums category is very inconsistent and calls into question the other agendas that were part of this decision."

"As a prime stakeholder in country music, I would really like to frame what's happening in our genre right now and help you and the Grammy's (sic) fully understand the importance of Kacey Musgraves to country music and why this decision is so much more than an entry point for an awards show. Taking her out of the country category actually does harm to a format struggling with change and inclusivity overall."

"The numbers speak and are a matter of public record with women making up only 10 per cent of all country airplay. This year alone country music has been mired in the controversy surrounding one of the formats (sic) biggest artists, Morgan Wallen, who used a racial slur and grew fans and audience from it. THIS IS NOT ALL THAT WE ARE. Under the surface are the artists that change it all and they are led by the example of Kacey Musgraves."

Mabe goes on to insist Kacey's new album has got "more country instrumentation" than her last release, "Golden Hour", which won Country Album of the Year in 2019.

She adds, "There is no departure in sound from these two projects."

Mabe concludes her letter by writing, "I haven't slept all weekend because I'm really sad for our format. I'm sad for fans of our music and the ramifications of how we'll continue to define success in country music. This short-sided, biased decision will send ripples throughout our format to continue to insure (sic) that the message is sent that country music can only be for the limited few that enjoy the same perspective."

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