Cardi B Stands By Decision to Attend Paris Fashion Week Ahead of Album Cover Trial

The 'WAP' himaker has been attacked for making the trip to Europe with her husband Offset after citing travel-safety concerns to get to New York court for an October trial date.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B has defended her recent trip to Paris Fashion Week after abandoning a trial date in New York. The rapper has been attacked for making the trip to Europe with her husband Offset after citing travel-safety concerns to get to court for an October trial date.

Her face-off with Kevin Brophy, who is suing the "WAP" star for stealing his likeness for racy mixtape cover art, will now take place in February 2022, and the plaintiff isn't happy, especially after seeing footage of Cardi and her man in the French capital recently - he feels she should be sanctioned for putting the trip to France ahead of her legal obligations.

In a new legal statement, obtained by Rolling Stone magazine, the "Bodak Yellow" star points out she and Offset only needed a week for the business trip, while she would have had to put her life on hold for almost a month for a trial.

"This was the only trip I have taken since the birth of our son on September 4, 2021," she explains. "I was of course very concerned with, and made thorough arrangements for, the well-being and care of our children in our absence."

"During our absence, our three-year-old daughter and our newborn son stayed with my mother and a baby nurse for our son in New York. Both children were and remain in perfect health."

"I have had the good fortune to become identified almost as much for fashion as for my music, and the opportunity to be part of the 'inner circle' of the elite of the fashion world, representing some of the most famous designers' work, was a rare opportunity, and important for my career, especially given my absence from live performance over most of the last two years due to the pandemic, and the fact that I have been working on a new, upcoming album."

"That opportunity was so important and compelling to my career that I could not reasonably turn it down, provided of course that we were able to make adequate provision for the care of our children for the few days my husband and I would be gone."

Cardi explains bosses at fashion brand Mugler invited her to attend Paris Fashion Week, where she attended Balenciaga and Messika shows.

"During the trip, I talked to our children, via FaceTime, daily. I spoke with our daughter each morning, afternoon, and evening, and the baby nurse would contact me via FaceTime in the afternoon whenever our son was up so I could see and speak to him," she adds.

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