Anthony Mackie Would Love to See 'Mad Max Meets Real Steel' Sequel
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The 'Winter Soldier' actor talks about the 'endless possibilities' for a sequel to his 2011 science fiction action movie where he shared screen with Hugh Jackman.

AceShowbiz - Anthony Mackie believes the "possibilities are endless" for a "Real Steel" sequel.

The actor starred alongside Hugh Jackman in the 2012 film, which followed an ex-boxer who finds a champion in a robot. The movie became a cult classic and a sequel has been discussed for many years, with Anthony telling Entertainment Weekly that he's had a few plot ideas for follow-up.

"I think the possibilities are endless," he said. "I always thought about the idea of going to the underground world and seeing what the reality is. The underground boxing circuit is so different than that last fight (the finale League match in the movie) with all the glitz and the glam and the polish. I feel like you can do a Mad Max meets Real Steel, and I could be Tina Turner."

The film also starred Dakota Goyo as youngster Max and Anthony thinks it would be interesting to see an older Max returning for a sequel.

"It would be hilarious to show (Max) coming back as a grown adult now and he's a successful businessman and he doesn't have time for robot boxing," he laughed. " 'That's for kids!' And he falls back in love with robot boxing and realises that life is happier when you're not stressed with work."

"I think that would be a great storyline."

"Real Steel" was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 84th Academy Awards.

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