Matt Goss Credits COVID Shutdown for Helping Him Realize He Was Abusing His Body and Life

The Bros frontman, who claims that the pandemic forced him into a place of self-reflection, goes on to spill what inspired him to record new music about 'deeper issues.'

AceShowbiz - Matt Goss spent the COVID lockdowns "abusing his body" and mind with non-stop "entertaining."

The Bros star took the time off work to pause and reflect, and he quickly realized he had been suppressing his mental health issues by "cracking on" with four or five shows a week for a decade in the U.S.

Speaking on the "Off The Beat & Track" podcast, Matt said, "I think without question... we've all been forced into a place of self-reflection."

"And I think it's been great at times and it's also been extremely troubling at times, because we crack on with our lives at such a pace that we do not look left and right sometimes at the things that are distressing to us and disturbing to us, and doing four or five shows a week here for 10 years, you know, in America, and it got to a point where I felt like I was abusing my body and my life."

"It was just about entertainment and making sure people felt transported, and I really wasn't really addressing some of the things within my own life, and I realized that this issue of mental health and everything became very, very deeply important to me."

The singer, who will release his new album "The Beautiful Unknown" on November 19, admitted he had become "completely detached" from music amid the pandemic.

But after he reconnected with his fans with a series of Instagram Live performances, Matt felt inspired to record new music about "deeper issues."

Matt added, "I completely detached myself from music, I had no interest in making music again. No interest in singing again."

"So it was quite an extraordinary thing, ironically, the connection that I found talking about much deeper issues, was the reason I actually ended up wanting to make a new record, and realizing there were indeed people that wanted me to keep going."

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