Bad Wolves Slams Ex-Frontman Tommy Vext for His 'Temper Tantrums' While Announcing New Album

The heavy metal band also accuses Tommy of being 'both emotionally and physically' abusive while in the band and continuing 'to be abusive since quitting the group.'

AceShowbiz - Bad Wolves has set the record straight about Tommy Vext's firing. While announcing a new album, the heavy metal group explained why they kicked out their ex-frontman and slammed him for his "never-ending tantrums."

In a statement released on Instagram, the band said, "Since Tommy Vext quit Bad Wolves in January, we have all largely stayed silent." They added, "We were prioritizing our search for a new singer, making music and focusing on the band's future. We have all put a tremendous amount of heart and soul into Bad Wolves, and we owed it our fans to make a third album that is the band's best yet."

"The album is called 'DEAR MONSTERS' and it will be out October 29. The first single, called 'Lifeline', is coming out this Wednesday, September 8, with a new music video. It will be the first taste of the next chapter with our new singer [Daniel Laskiewicz], who is an incredible talent and welcomed addition to the band," they continued. "We think our fans will appreciate the renewed energy and range he brings to Bad Wolves."

"It's unfortunate we must bear witness to Tommy Vext's never-ending temper tantrums on social media, filled with fraudulent claims and sad attempts to defame members of our band and our team. The truth is that Tommy was abusive - both emotionally and physically - while in the band, and he continues to be abusive since quitting the group," the group then claimed. "He has childishly asserted many falsehoods. Refuting them all would be a waste of time and divert our energy from making music, which is our priority."

Bad Wolves went on to point out how Tommy allegedly stole the other group member's credits. One of the examples is Tommy falsely claimed to be the mastermind behind the track "Killing Me Slowly" while the song was made "in collaboration with outside writers."

Bad Wolves then concluded their statement by noting, "Bad Wolves is and will remain a creative collective, where no one member inside or outside the band, holds the keys to the group's success."

Bad Wolves fired Tommy in January. In July, he filed a lawsuit against the band's manager and Better Noise Music founder Allen Kovac for allegedly orchestrating a campaign to have him booted from the band due to his political stances and support for Donald Trump.

Allen then fired back. The manager filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Tommy for allegedly "infringing on the label's intellectual property by allegedly posting unreleased recordings and videos related to Bad Wolves without the company's permission."

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