Rapper 2 Milly Admits Being Treated Like 'Animals' While Jailed at Rikers Island

After one month living behind bars, the 'Milly Rock' hitmaker claims that he and his inmates are not provided with showers and barely received any food and water.

AceShowbiz - Rapper 2 Milly has spoken out about the horrific conditions at the jail complex in Rikers Island. One month after arriving at his cell, the "Milly Rock" hitmaker admitted that he has been treated like "animals."

"They treat us like we're animals," the Brooklyn rapper, whose birth name is Terrance Ferguson, told New York Daily News. The 33-year-old musician arrived at Rikers on July 27 and spent his first five days in an open cell with several other inmates. Offering more details, he revealed that he and his inmates couldn't shower or brush their teeth due to the lack of running water in summer. He also said people regularly attempt suicide and sleep on the floor due to the lack of beds in the cell.

In addition to witnessing suicide attempts, Milly shared that he had not received any fresh air since arriving at the jail. The "Still Sturdy" spitter went on to claim that he and other inmates were not provided with showers and barely received any food and water during the intake process. "There was more than 30 of us, no shower, barely ate," he told the outlet. "We were subjected to Mace because of other people fighting. No water."

Milly, however, also feels empathetic towards the guards at Rikers. "The officers are losing their minds," he said. "It's the same guard for 24 hours. They're sweating bullets, not getting meal breaks. I start feeling bad for them after a while."

Confirming Milly's statement, another detainee named Herman Williams chimed in, "They do them just as bad as us. The lady [officer] sitting here right now, [is] sweating to death. They say no one wants to do nothing."

In turn, Rikers officers also showed sympathy for the detainees' living conditions. "For the most part, the inmates have been sympathetic," said a veteran correction officer. "They've actually offered me food when I'm working a triple. The officers recognize the conditions are bad for the inmates and the inmates feel for the officers."

Milly, whose 2014 track "Milly Rock" has been played more than 25 million times on Spotify and viewed on YouTube more than 20 million times, was indicted on two felony gun possession charges in 2019. The rapper turned himself in last month after he was convicted in May this year.

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