Normani Admits to Feeling 'Overlooked' in Fifth Harmony
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In a new interview with Allure magazine, the 'Motivation' hitmaker reveals that she 'didn't get to really sing' in the group though she always 'felt like the underdog' in everything she's done.

AceShowbiz - Normani Kordei has opened up about her time in Fifth Harmony. In a new magazine interview, the "Motivation" hitmaker admitted that she felt "overlooked" while she was in the vocal girl group.

Gracing the cover of the September issue of Allure magazine, the 25-year-old singer revealed about feeling ignored in her girl group. "I didn't get to really sing in the group. I felt like I was overlooked," she shared in her cover story. She further stressed, "That idea has been projected on me. Like, this is your place."

Though being ignored, Normani said that she had given her everything to be the best. "The X-Factor" alum admitted, "I've always felt like the underdog in anything that I've ever done."

Since Fifth Harmony disbanded in March 2018, Normani has had a successful solo career. Of her works, the "Love Lies" songstress told the publication, "My purpose in this work that I do is for other people that feel like they have Black women figured out. There's so many layers to us, there's so many textures, there's so much that we're capable of doing."

"Yes, I can throw a**. But I can also give you a proper eight-count, and I can do ballet, and I can do contemporary dance," Normani added. "If I want to sing this pop ballad, then you're going to love it! While you see my Black face!" For her new album, she expressed that she's "reinventing" herself. "Now you all are finally going to be able to see me tap into that awareness -- that I know I'm the s**t."

Normani had previously gotten candid about how her time in Fifth Harmony impacted her self-esteem. Speaking to Women's Health in November 2020, the musician said she struggled with how she viewed herself after not being given many opportunities in the spotlight as part of the group.

"That alters the perception you have of yourself. Having certain things happen so blatantly while also feeling like the 'other' and being so young and hearing the public compare [us] took a toll on my confidence," Normani stated at the time. "For a long time, I didn't believe in myself because I didn't feel like I was given the opportunity to."

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