Kacey Musgraves Takes Inspirations From Greek Tragedy for New Album Amid Divorce

The 'Golden Hour' crooner is inspired by Greek tragedy for her upcoming studio album released following her last year separation from husband Ruston Kelly.

AceShowbiz - Kacey Musgraves' upcoming post-divorce album will be her version of a Greek tragedy, because she's been through such a tough time in the past year.

The singer, who filed for divorce from husband Ruston Kelly in 2020 after just three years of marriage, famously based her Grammy-winning last album, "Golden Hour", on their then-happy relationship.

Now she tells Crack in a new interview a theme for the latest album quickly presented itself as she and Kelly were going their separate ways.

"I opened my eyes like, 'Tragedy, I've been through a f**king tragedy!' " she says.

The record, which doesn't have a name yet, will mirror a full-on Greek tragedy told in three acts of five songs each.

Kacey played two new tracks, "Camera Roll" and "If I Was an Angel", on podcast "A Slight Change of Plans" on Thursday (05Aug21), and explained the first is a response to painful break-up memories prompted by scrolling through old photos on her phone and Musgraves told host Dr. Maya Shankar it was a hard song to write. "I just, like, could barely get through. It was like the ugly kind of, like, little-kid cry," she revealed.

Another song, "Star-Crossed", is partly inspired by William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".

"I love the definition of 'star-crossed' because it's two people who love each other so much," she added, "but they just cannot make it work because even the universe is against them. I resonate a lot with that with my personal story and what I've been through."

And she's not sure what fans will make of her next release because they're so used to seeing her as a happy "rose-coloured glasses kinda girl."

"My last album is what people know me for," she notes. "They see me as this starry-eyed, rose-coloured glasses kinda girl; the Golden Hour girl. Well, here I come with a post-divorce album, bursting the f**king bubble."

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