The 'Friends' star is criticized by Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon, and Linda Robson for deciding to distance herself from pals who refused to get vaccinated.

AceShowbiz - British "Loose Women" presenter Nadia Sawalha slammed Jennifer Aniston on Friday (06Aug21), calling her decision to ditch friends who have refused the COVID vaccine "everything that is wrong with the world."

The "Friends" star recently told U.S. InStyle magazine she is cutting ties with pals who haven't been vaccinated and now former "EastEnders" actress Nadia has taken aim at her strict stance on the U.K. talk show.

"I think it is everything that is wrong with the world at the moment what she said (sic)," she raged. "I'm so shocked, why can't we just be more understanding of people's different point of views?"

"I've got really close friends that are not vaccinated and it really frightens me and I wish to God that they would do it and I see their lives getting smaller and smaller because there's so many things they won't do because they're scared of getting COVID."

"But to cut them off as a friend? We've got to keep having the debate. Not everyone who is scared or questioning the vaccine, is a crazy anti-vaxxer. There's many people that have had all the other vaccines but have fears about the vaccine. We've got to keep having a conversation..."

Fellow panellist Stacey Solomon agreed, sharing her disappointment over the fact that there's "a lot of judgement on both sides."

"I think that sadly what we're not doing is going, 'Why do you feel so scared of the vaccine?' We're immediately looking at someone and saying you're wrong, I'm right...," she shared.

"There's no compassion, there's no emotion, there's no humanity in the argument."

And former "Birds of a Feather" actress Linda Robson also criticised Aniston's views as "too harsh," quipping that she "isn't there for you," a funny reference to the "Friends" theme song, "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts.

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