Billie Eilish Confesses to Wearing Bigger Clothes as She's 'Obviously Not Happy' With Her Body

In a new interview, the 'Happier Than Ever' songstress reveals that she has to 'disassociate' with negative thoughts about her body while performing on stage.

AceShowbiz - Billie Eilish has discussed her body image struggles in a new interview. The "Wish You Were Gay" songstress confessed that she is "obviously not happy" with her body and that's the reason why she had to wear bigger clothes on stage.

In a new interview with The Guardian published on Saturday, July, 31, the 19-year-old opened up, "I'm obviously not happy with my body…but who is?" Though so, the Grammy-winning singer, who recently appeared in a campaign for Kim Kardashian's SKIMS, added, "I mean, I'm very confident in who I am, and I'm very happy with my life."

Billie went on to explain that she has to push away the negative thoughts about her appearance whenever she's on stage. The "Ocean Eyes" hitmaker told the publication, "When I'm on stage, I have to disassociate from the ideas I have of my body." She added, "Especially because I wear clothes that are bigger and easier to move in without showing everything - they can be really unflattering."

"In pictures, they look like I don't even know what. I just completely separate the two. Because I have such a terrible relationship with my body, like you would not believe, so I just have to disassociate," Billie stressed further. "Then you get a paparazzi picture taken when you were running to the door and had just put anything on, and didn't know the picture's being taken, and you just look how you look, and everyone's like, 'Fat!' "

Billie also admitted that seeing snapshots of other women on the internet could create self-doubt somehow. "I see people online, looking like I've never looked," she claimed. "And immediately I am like, 'Oh my God, how do they look like that?' I know the ins and outs of this industry, and what people actually use in photos, and I actually know what looks real can be fake. Yet I still see it and go, oh God, that makes me feel really bad," the "Happier Than Ever" artist revealed.

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