Despite trying his best to live a normal life, it seems like Dexter Morgan, who is now living under his new name Jim Lindsay, can't really escape himself from the urge to kill.

AceShowbiz - Showtime has finally revealed a sneak peek at upcoming "Dexter" revival, "Dexter: New Blood". Debuted during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2021 on Sunday, July 25, the trailer sees Michael C. Hall returning as fan-favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan.

The video opens with Dexter's life under a new name, Jim Lindsay, in rural Oregon. It is revealed that Dexter is now working an outdoors store around plenty of knives. Despite trying his best to live a normal life, it seems like he can't really escape himself from the urge to kill.

The trailer hints that Michael is still very much doing his serial killing occupation at night. It also teases that someone appears to discover Dexter's secret about his double life. The person even seemingly tries to find out his whereabout.

During the panel, Hall teased that the revivalcame "up in different forms." He added, "It never felt quite right in terms of the story that was presented or in terms of the timing. But, I think, along with everybody on this panel and along with everybody who's ever watched the show and is a fan of the show, I myself have also wondered what the hell happened to this guy."

"And I think enough has time has passed and the storytelling opportunities were a lot more interesting for having more time between the end and now," he continued.

Originally airing on Showtime in 2006, "Dexter" ended after eight seasons in 2013. Fans generally found the ending disappointing, something that Hall admitted during the panel. "I think the ending was mystifying, at best, to people -- confounding, exasperating, frustrating, on down the line of negative adjectives," he said. "And I think this is a show that's very important to all of us and the chance to revisit it and maybe in the process redefine the sense of the show's ending and the sense of the show's legacy more broadly was certainly a part of our motivation."

"Dexter: New Blood" will premiere on Showtime on November 7 at 9 P.M.

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