Filmmaker David S. Goyer confirms feud with the 'Blade' main star during the 'very tortured production' of the second film 'Blade: Trinity' despite the actor's claims otherwise.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker David S. Goyer is no longer friends with actor Wesley Snipes after clashing on the set of "Blade: Trinity".

Snipes has long been rumoured to have tried to strangle the director during the making of the 2004 "Blade" sequel, a story co-star Patton Oswalt detailed in a 2012 interview with the AV Club.

The action man disputed the funnyman's version of events last year (20), insisting he would have been jailed if he had laid a hand on Goyer and declaring the fight "never happened."

Now Goyer has weighed in on the industry anecdote, admitting the experience of shooting "Blade: Trinity" spelled the end of his friendship with Snipes - although he stops short of confirming or denying whether the attack actually happened, as per Oswalt's recollection.

Asked about the alleged incident in a new interview for The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "Let's just say I have tremendous respect for Wesley as an actor. He used to be a friend. We're not friends anymore. I am friends with Patton and I worked with Patton since..."

"I don't think anyone involved in that film had a good experience on that film, certainly I didn't," Goyer continued. "I don't think anybody involved with that film is happy with the results. It was a very tortured production."

Goyer's remarks come as franchise producers prepare to revamp the Marvel Comics character for a new generation of fans, with Mahershala Ali suiting up as iconic vampire hunter Blade.

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